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Faxcom for iSeries

Ready-to-run fax management for the IBM iiSeries (AS/400)

Faxcom for iSeries provides everyone in your company with a powerful communications resource. With Faxcom for iSerie, documents can be faxed or emailed from any terminal on your iSeries directly to millions of fax machines worldwide. You can send reports the first thing each morning or schedule a fax to start after hours. Faxcom for iSeries is a complete fax management system for your iSeries that combines Faxcom for iSeries software and Faxcom fax servers.

Increase Your Workflow Process Efficiency and Reduce Costs

Realize immediate gains in productivity as users fax directly from their desks. All waiting and redialing is handled automatically. Laser sharp documents are delivered to their destinations, complete with overlaid logos, signatures and business forms. Cost center management capabilities allow you to track fax usage facilitating internal department charge back.  Security features ensure that the system manager controls fax access. Additionally, if several Faxcom for iSeries users send documents to the same destination, Faxcom for iSeries can combine these documents into a single transmission automatically eliminating the time and cost associated with dialing a fax location multiple times throughout the day.

Simplified Installation and Ease of Use

Faxcom for iSeries has a simple self-installation procedure that allows same-day operability. Faxcom for iSeries menu driven design complies with IBM's SAA standards and provides an extensive help screen facility. Users get familiar with the system quickly and easily and can start sending faxes almost immediately.

Build Enterprise-wide Fax Networks with Confidence

Faxcom for iSeries can be configured with both single channel and expandable multi-channel Faxcom fax servers, depending on your present and future needs. Faxcom for iSeries is a component on the Faxcom Enterprise strategy, which is a solution, designed to scale to your enterprise. Faxcom's open architecture works with virtually every computer, application and messaging environment, so your complex enterprise can rely on a single fax solution. A Faxcom installed today for a single iSeries can be used with virtually any system or network you plan to install in the future.

The Highest Reliability In The Industry

Biscom pioneered the field of enterprise-wide fax management by introducing the industry's first enterprise fax server. Faxcom fax servers are proven and time tested to meet the needs of companies looking for the highest reliability for transmitting and receiving fax data. Every Faxcom server is configured in Biscom's product development laboratory and undergoes extensive testing and "burn-in" procedures to provide the most reliable solutions for your mission critical needs.

Fax Server Virtualizaion

Virtualized fax server solutions are quickly becoming the standard platform of choice. Corporations are making the paradigm shift from physical servers to adopting such virtualization technologies as VMware, Microsoft Hyper-V,
XEN and Citrix. By leveraging virtualization technologies, Faxcom Server and Faxcom Suite for Windows enables customers to lower capital and operational costs while providing an efficient and flexible faxing solution.

The Faxcom Server can be installed in a virtual server farm in order to provide high availability and redundancy for your fax server solution. The Faxcom Server can be rapidly deployed by using a virtual server. Virtualization software can be configured automatically to relocate the Faxcom server from one host to another.

Fax over IP

Fax over IP (FoIP) refers to the process of sending and receiving faxes via a Voice over IP (VoIP) network – such as those from Cisco, Avaya, Alcatel-Lucent, Quintum, and others. More and more organizations have come to realize the cost savings and productivity benefits that derive from deploying a FoIP server that integrates with their existing equipment to route faxes over their IP network. In fact, even if an enterprise doesn’t have a VoIP network in place today, they can still implement FoIP and virtualize their fax servers through use of the Dialogic Brooktrout SR140 fax software and media gateway. FoIP works via T.38, where T.38 is a protocol that describes how to send a fax over a computer data network.

Benefits of Faxcom for iSeries

• Fax and email directly from iSeries

• Speed transaction document delivery

• Store and overlay business forms 

• Organize with fax directories

• Include multiple documents in a single fax

• Fax immediately or at scheduled times

• Broadcast faxes to a group of recipients

• Simultaneously fax and email documents

• Assign ports and establish least cost routing

Faxcom for iSeries Features

• Automatic cover page generation

• Comprehensive queue management

• Complete fax phone directory

• Accounting codes to track usage by cost center

• Security system controls user access 

• Business forms overlay capabilities

• Place signatures, logos, and graphics on documents

• Automatic batching to a single destination

• Full API support for custom programs

• Non-programming interface

• Least cost routing
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