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Are You Struggling With Complex API Calls to "TCP/IP enable Your iSeries applications?  You can connect your iSeries (AS/400) applications to anything that communicates TCP/IP! 

Would you rather learn how to use a handful of our program calls to get the job done, or would you prefer to spend your valuable development time writing thousands of lines of custom code?

If you are ready to "TCP/IP enable" your current and future iSeries applications, then Netsocket/400 is the best solution for you. 

Netsocket/400 is a TCP/IP Programmer's Toolkit for the iSeries (AS/400) that was developed to create TCP/IP applications without having to learn to create socket applications in the C programming language. Netsocket/400 provides a simple, intuitive development application-programming interface (API).  It includes a module and service program that users can bind into their ILE RPG, ILE COBOL, or ILE C applications to allocate and communicate with standard connection-oriented stream sockets. Users can also send and receive data over any IP Network. In addition, the same module allows client, server, and daemon applications to be built simultaneously. Client and server examples in RPG, COBOL, C, and Visual basic are offered with the product.

Features of Netsocket/400 

•​Send and receive data over The Internet or any IP Network

•Secure Socket Capabilities 

•Allocate and communicate with Stream-oriented sockets

•Design and build client and/or server applications 

•Create clients, servers and daemons

•Daemon automatically monitors and manages the number of available server jobs

•Record transactions down to the millisecond

•Support for Prototyped calls

•Service from 1 to 512 clients simultaneously

•Pre-start as many server jobs as you want

•Complete ASCII and EBCDIC conversions

•Receive detailed status messages

•Trace all activities

​•Ability to communicate using Secured Sockets (SSL)

​•OS V7R1 compatible

TCP/IP enable all your iSeries applications for only $2,995.00. 
(Multiple license discounts are available)
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Netsocket/400 V5.0.3 
Download 30-day free trial (zip file)
Netsocket/400 V5.0.3 Manual
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