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A TCP/IP Programmer's Toolkit for the IBM iSeries (AS/400).  

Developed 35 years ago to give prorammers the ability to create TCP/IP applications without having to learn to create socket applications in the C programming language.
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Our Products
Fax and Email solution for the IBM iSeries (AS/400)

Developed 40 years ago,  Faxcom for iSeries takes your spool files and faxes or emails them from any terminal on your iSeries directly to millions of fax machines worldwide. You can send reports the first thing each morning or schedule a fax to start after hours.  

Faxcom for iSeries is a complete fax management system for your iSeries! 
Email solution for the IBM iSeries (AS/400)

Developed 35 years ago, PromptMail for iSeries is an email creation and delivery system designed to easily manage your spooled files. Email requests can be manually or automatically generated from your existing iSeries applications. 

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