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PromptMail for iSeries

PromptMail for iSeries is an email creation and delivery system designed to easily manage your spooled files. Email requests can be manually or automatically generated from your existing iSeries applications. 

A major consideration in the design of PromptMail was to accommodate the needs of a variety of users. Among the many capabilities of PromptMail is its extreme ease of use and flexibility. PromptMail for iSeries menu options and display screens are easy to follow. In addition to the electronic manual, detailed explanations of all menu options and screens can be viewed on the screen by accessing the on-line help.

The PromptMail iSeries client program continually monitors the queue by the date and time the user staged the email request to be sent. PromptMail also gives you the ability to prioritize your email request in the queue through the full range of priority codes provided. This will allow important email requests to get special attention.  


There are many different methods of generating an email request in the PromptMail system. The following is a list of some of the more common methods:

  • •The PromptMail Outq Monitors give you the flexibility to automatically email any spooled file placed in a specific output queue. Large spooled files can be split and emailed to separate email recipients based on data on the page. For example, a 300-page spooled file with 300 invoices will automatically generate 300 email requests.

  • •PromptMail for iSeries provides a set of CLP commands that can be executed from your existing application programs. PromptMail's SBMSPLEMLB command for example can be incorporated into your acknowledgment application and automatically generate an email request when the user decides. 

  • •iSeries spooled files can be selected manually and emailed from the PromptMail Process Request menu.  

  • •The PromptMail Quick Memo option gives you the ability to email a short memo to one or more recipients.  

  • •The PromptMail Text Editor provides you with the ability to create and store a document within the system. You can then email this document through a simple interactive interface provided in the product.  

PomptMail for iSeries can email your spooled files as a PDF or HTML attachment or as HTML in-line text. You also have the option of overlaying an image on your document when it is emailed.

PromptMail for iSeries also provides you with address books; global, personal and user; broadcast lists, inquiries, and reports to assist you in managing your email traffic with ease and confidence.

30-Day Trial

A fully functional 30-day trial of PromptMail is available for immediate use with no obligation. Simply click on the 30-day trial download below and reference the "read-me" file for installation instructions. Or you can fill out a request form to receive the trial by mail.


Wayside Marketing offers one price for PromptMail regardless of processor group. A PromptMail password is provided based on the iSeries serial number and partition. A one-time charge of $1495.00 includes the PromptMail product and one year of software maintenance.  

An annual maintenance charge (optional) of $269.00 will include technical phone support Monday through Friday, 8:00am - 5:00pm EST and any new upgrades to PromptMail during that year.

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